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 Hotel address:
 Ukraine, 61009, Kharkov,
Gagarina Ave., 185

 Reservation Department: 
tel./fax: +38 (057) 775-10-70
+38 (057) 775-74-34
+38 050 420 10 70

24 hours a day
tel.: +38 (0572) 52-20-91
+38 096 190 20 91


Фотографии Нового Года 2015

Фотографии Нового Года 2015

Вот и наступил Новый 2015 год!!! Славно и весело прошла двухдневная новогодняя программа в гостинично-ресторанном комплексе... Read more

28 Янв 2015



The final impression about the city you visited is determined by many aspects. While returning back home we recollect things like fortune with the weather, exciting traveling program and, of course, the hotel that became our home for a certain period of time.
Druzhba Motel in Kharkov can’t change the weather; you’ll plan your visiting program all by yourself. But we create all accommodations for rest you’ll need after a day full of events.

z_1044“Make yourself at home”- we say giving you a key to one of our comfortable hotel rooms.

We say these words not by accident. Hotel rooms of Druzhba Motel really have the atmosphere which reminds you of home.
Comfortable beds, soft arm-chairs, working table, cable and satellite TV, international and local telephone communications… Even the same terry dressing-gown you used to wear at home, the same fluffy towels and cozy slippers. Almost every hotel room, hall and restaurant room has a free Wi-Fi Internet allowing an Internet access to everyone who has a laptop.
Tell us how you imagine your staying at the hotel - and we'll offer you one of our hotel rooms:

>>  «LUXE»

>>  «DE-LUXE»




z_1045Even the atmosphere of Druzhba Motel’s rooms itself is astonishing. Rooms are decorated with calm color shadows that have soothing influence. Visitors will also appreciate the microclimate of lodging. Thanks to our own boiler-rooms by VIESSMANN in the “Druzhba” Motel rooms it’s always warm and there’s a hot water all the year around. That’s why our guests always feel themselves comfortable.

No matter what hotel room you choose you'll certainly enjoy the high level of service. And when coming to Kharkov again you'll know for sure where to stay.

Hotel and restaurant complexDruzhba Motel:
have a comfortable rest!

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